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Excuses, Excuses Graat Graat

I haven’t blogged for the last few weeks and there are a couple of reasons, or excuses, for that. The first excuse is a happy one. My husband and I are moving into a condo. After 43 years in our home, moving is a big step, but a good one. We’re happy with the condo and our new neighborhood. However, during all those years in our home, we managed to do a lot of accumulating. So although we’re enjoying our condo, we’re still sorting and getting our home ready to sell. That is why my second reason for not blogging lately came at such a bad time. A couple of weeks ago, I fell causing a small fracture in the cap of the bone going into my shoulder.

The accident wasn’t related to moving. It was caused by my own negligence in leaving things lay. Yes, it’s exactly what I used to warn our kids about doing. Obviously, I didn’t listen to my own advice, and I paid the price by tripping over my own clutter.

As fractures go, my doctor assures me that it is in a good spot and there is minimal displacement. So my arm should heal quickly. I just need to wear a sling to immobilize the arm and let the fracture heal naturally. However, it’s hard to type and spending a lot of time at the computer is painful, so I’m not getting a lot of writing done. Even writing with pen and paper is hard because the fracture is in my left arm and I’m left-handed. Hopefully, I’ll only be away from the computer for a couple more weeks. At that time, I’ll have some great writing news to share. So stay tuned…

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  1. Barb Thompson said:

    Hang in there, Barb. Looking forward to good writing news.

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